Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Fragments-Duh! Winning! And Other Tear Jerking Moments Edition

I know that saying is a little dated in the pop culture world but it was the only thing I could think of to express my great week. In the midst of  it all, I still found myself crying and emotional. Maybe it's hormones, I don't know.

For the first time (that I can remember) I had two dreams this week where someone was giving me a hard time and I stood up to them. Usually in my dreams I either get bested or I'm standing up for someone else. In a dream dictionary I read that standing up to a bully in your dreams pretty much means, you are not in denial and you're facing your problems. Yahoo! When did that happen? I strive to always grow and I just realized that I've been growing passed the doormat stage of my life.

The VMAs I personally thought all the acts were great. We had a good time watching all the faces in the audience when Lady Gaga came out with her cross-dressing self. I got it and I loved it. I swear I'm friends with these people. When Beyonce announced that she was pregnant, I was excited as if I'm going to be the Godmother or something. And of course when Britney won the video vanguard award, I teared up. I know, (insert eye-roll here.) 

Guess who was camp superstar of the month at work? Yep, me. When the announcement went out, I was totally surprised and I cried. Of course. Here are the nice words management said about me.
"Traci is always cheerful and extremely helpful. She acts as a mentor for our staff members and always has a great attitude." Yay. I'm tearing up again.

Mikey Show. My brother-in-law got tickets to The Mikey Show again. He had to work and my husband didn't want to go so I ended up going alone. And for the win, I took pictures in the photo booth and in my most Winning! moment, I tried to make silly faces and I failed. The last picture had to be wiped out due to how unintentionally inappropriate it was.

I went to the World Famous San Diego Zoo this week with my dear friend Margie. (I'll put all the pictures up later.) We went on a bus tour, learned about animals, watched some shows. One of those shows was The Steam Powered Giraffe show , they put on a great show. 

And now for a movie that you may pass up at the video store but I think you'll like Win Win. A movie about a midlife, anxiety filled, estate lawyer, who fosters a young man and an old man. Doing for others while you are not doing so well has been a trend in conversation with my husband and I this week. Something about it works, although like in the movie it can get complicated along the way.

Well Happy Friday. Thank you Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments. Why don't you visit and join in on the fun.
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