Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I'm Wearing Wednesday-CPR/First Aid Edition

Today I got the opportunity to renew my CPR/First Aid/AED certification, courtesy of my job. As a part of learning to be more appreciative of the things that are going right in my life, I'm writing about it. It's been a few years since I've been certified and this time I have a completely different outlook about the possibility of saving someone's life.

Anytime you administer first aid, it's important to use non-latex gloves. Today I learned how to take them off safely. Equally important is to not touch your face while wearing said gloves.

Although I made jokes throughout the class, I took this stuff seriously and learned so much that I didn't notice before.

One of the most important things I learned today was how to administer the AED. Many lives have been saved because of AEDs in public places, including my job.

As much as it terrifies me to think about how I would respond in an emergency, I'm grateful to have learned (this is where the perfectionist in me comes in, if I have to do it I want to do it perfect.)

Our instructor entertained us with tales of lives saved and situations where CPR would've helped, times where the only one who knew how to administer was the person in trouble. Because of that story I realized that there are many people out there not certified. Which is why I recommend that you either contact The American Heart Association to see where you can take the classes or find out if your work provides them. Sure it's a lot of responsibility but worth it. (Like sitting in the assisting row on the airplane.)

Well I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.

Not couchee couing the baby, administering CPR

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